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Cool Kids Children's Disco in Cornwall

Booking a cool kids children's disco is easy, simply email us at: dj@SoundONE.co.uk or use the Contact Form to send us an email.

Our children's discos mixed with games are generally aimed at children aged between 6 and 12 years old.

They include all props, prizes, medals, certificate/awards which are supplied by us at no additional charge.
We do different types of parties for different ages, so the games and activities will be totally different depending on the ages. We include a full disco the same as we would use for an adults party, so that it not only looks good, but it sounds good too.

Full interaction, lots of fun, games, dance competitions, dance-offs, action dances, relay races, limbo and much, much more. We will usually give the winners of certain dance competitions winner medals or awards as well as handing out various prizes for the winners of certain games and activiies.

We try our hardest to make it so that every child has won something or feels as if they have won something so they don't feel left out, even if it's just a bag of sweets and so we have devised some games which are unique to Cool Kids Disco which helps make this possible. We are good at spotting the children who arn't as outgoing or as confident as other children and we will alway ensure we boost their confidence at our parties.

Our 12+ year olds parties are almost identical to an adults party, but the main diffrence is they are well cool, the parties are something the teenagers are not embarressed to be at. They have a well cool vibe to them, with ethe lights the lasers and the music we play is way cooler, it makes them feel very grown up and all their friends are usually a little jelous and wish it was their party. Most adults tend not to know, understand or like teenagers music but we love it, we play all the latest the best chart and dance hits, we will make it fast, we will make it hard, we will make it cool, we will make it thump, lasers beams, light beams, smoke or haze there just AWESOME! parties.

The very best children's discos in Cornwall, South West

We have dozens of games, competitions and action songs that we use. Many of the games we do are unique to Cool Kids Disco and so not listed because we don't want to give away our secrets. However, here are a few of the more common ones.

Children's Mummy Game

Cool Kids Mummy Game

A game the children really enjoy, they use toilet rolls to create a human mummy. The children then judge the best mummy by cheering the loudest for the one they think is the best and that mummy's team are the winners.

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Children's Limbo

Cool Kids Limbo

A soft limbo pole is used so that the children can do the limbo to various limbo tunes. We look for effort, style and skill, which will decide who are the best limbo-ers.

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Pass The Parcel

Cool Kids Pass The Parcel

Pass the parcel, an old favourite for younger children and no explaination required, but for the slightly older children we do something similar which is very unique to Cool Kids Disco with a very exciting twist.

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The disco mixed with games and prizes works very well for children between 6 and 10 years of age. For children over 10 years old, we will use different games, mixed with relay type races and dance-offs, making a much more grown up party.

You can also supply a small playlist of songs that you would like to hear at your party. Often, we find that there may be a track that many of the kids have learned some sort of dance routine for and they want to perform it. It's always good to let us know about anything like this in advance, so that we can be prepeared and we will certainly have these tracks with us.

We can also do party themes and as always, we specialise in UV Neon Glow Parties and Music Video Discos for the ultimate teenagers party.

Don't forget just because we specialise in Cool Kids Discos, that doesn't mean that the all the fun has to be for just the children. We cater for all types of adults parties including Adult's UV Neon Glow Parties and Adult Music Video Discos.