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Cool Kids Silent Disco in Cornwall

Booking a Cool Kids silent disco is easy, simply email us at: dj@SoundONE.co.uk or use the Contact Form to send us an email.

Our kids silent discos are amazing, they still come with a full lightshow and DJ, they also include full interaction, games and prizes.

Our headsets are the very top of the range 3 channel there are no better on the market. they have 3 different music channels they can listen to and switch between them as often or whenever they like. The channel they are listening to is identified by the colour the headphones are iluminated, so everyone can see who is listening to the Red, Green or Blue channel.

The experience is phenominal and the kids really do enjoy them, much more than you would think they will.

We can even do a Silent disco and a Ultraviolet Neon Glow Disco combined giving you the ultimate silent disco glow party party.

The Coolest Kids Silent Discos in Cornwall, South West

Cornwall's Ultimate Silent Kids Disco