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Cool Kids UV Neon Glow Disco in Cornwall

Booking a Cool Kids neon glow disco is easy, simply email us at: dj@SoundONE.co.uk or use the Contact Form to send us an email.

Cool Kids Disco, in association with SoundONE, is Cornwall's leading children's disco when it comes to UV neon glow and music video discos. Not only are we the South West leader, we are the South West's pioneers of the UV neon glow discos and while others try to copy and emulate us, we are and always will be one step ahead.

These parties are the latest must-have for older children and cool teenagers alike. What is a UV neon glow party? you may wonder. Basically, a UV neon glow party is like any other disco party, except not only do we set-up a great disco system, we also bring along and set-up several UV lighting effects. The key to the party is that the kids will all wear clothing that glows under UV (ultraviolet) or 'black light' as it is often referred to. The children can also paint their faces, arms, legs or body with UV paint. Highlighter pens also glow very well under UV or black light, so can be used to decorate clothing and even used on skin as most are water based and non-toxic.

You're welcome to provide a short playlist and we are more than happy to work alongside other entertainers such as bands or solo artists.

We can also do party themes, and as always, we specialise in Video Discos for the ultimate teenagers party.

The Coolest Kids UV Neon Glow Disco in Cornwall, South West

Tips on how to enhance your UV neon glow party:
Get as many people as possible to wear clothing that is UV reflective, white works very well, but flourescent clothing obviously works the best, also try to wear some glow sticks as braclets, necklaces, glasses, head bands, etc.

Highlighter pens work really well under UV light, most of these are water based and so can be used to draw on faces, arms legs. They are very cheap and give a brilliant effect. They can also be soaked in still tonic water and the solution can be painted on objects, clothes or skin for a great effect.

Specialists UV paint and UV body paint can also be brought quite cheaply and ultimately gives the very best effect.

Hi Visibility Vests & Jackets can be purchased cheaply from safety shops and look great under black light, as does anything such as reflective arm bands or cycle strips or any reflective stuff used so that you can be seen in the dark while cycling etc.