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Cool Kids Teenagers Disco in Cornwall

Booking a Cool Teenagers Disco is easy, simply email us at: dj@SoundONE.co.uk or use the Contact Form to send us an email.

Teenagers are by far the coolest of the cool kids and as such, require the coolest discos with a more adult theme and without the games, competitions and prizes that the younger children enjoy.

For teenagers we always have all the latest chart and dance hits and the coolest current music at the time. Whether it's the latest grime, trap, house or whatever the trendiest phase is at the time, we will have it and know what it is. We go all out for our teenagers parties, we provide a larger system, often including bass bins, full colour 3d computer controlled lasers, state of the art moving heads, customised gobo projection and a real nightclub feel. If the venue allows the use of haze or smoke machines, we can combine this with our lasers and moving heads and other lighting effects making a spectacular lightshow creating the very coolest vibes that all teenagers want.

You can also supply a small playlist of songs that you would like to hear at your party. Often, we find that there may be a track or two that many of these young adults have some sort of dance routine that they want to perform to. It's always good to know about anything like this in advance, so that we are prepeared and will certainly have these tracks with us.

We can also do other party themes although we specialise in UV Neon Glow Parties and Music Video Discos for the ultimate teenagers party.

The coolest teenagers birthday parties in Cornwall and the South West